Grizzly Honey
GHNY - The platform token of
Ticker: $GHNY Contract: 0x0 Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)

What is GHNY?

GRIZZLY HONEY ($GHNY) is the Reward, Revenue-Share and Governance token of It operates as the fuel to the whole ecosystem. The longer the project goes on, the fewer new token get minted. With rising TVL (Total Value Locked) on the platform, the revenue-share gets more lucrative.

What can I do with GHNY?

  • Revenue Share: If you stake GHNY in the honeypot, you are earning on the performance the platform generates.
  • Governance: vote on important changes of the platform

How can I get GHNY?

GHNY can be acquired by:
  • Liquidity Mining: pay into a Hive and earn GHNY through liquidity mining.
  • Staking: stake GHNY in the Honeypot (staking pool) and earn the native token of the chain (e.g. BNB) and more GHNY.
  • Affiliate System: referring a friend who does liquidity mining on
  • Buying: You can just buy GHNY on an exchange like pancakeswap