The Strategies

Here we explain you again exactly between which strategies you can choose

As explained on the last page, you can earn money with the following:

  • By Liquidity Mining in the Hives

  • By Staking the Honey Token in the Honeypot

  • If the Honey Token increases is value

  • By referring friends to who do Liquidity Mining (Affiliate-Program)

Liquidity Mining Strategies

First of all, we will explain you what strategies you can choose in Liquidity Mining:

To understand them, we need to explain a bit beforehand: The APR/APY reported in the hives consist of 2 components:

  1. The Rewards that are paid on the LP tokens (LP Rewards / Fee Rewards).

  2. The Rewards that are additionally paid by the platform (Block Rewards).

Understanding that 2 Rewards are paid is important because:

  1. The amount of LP Rewards is directly dependent on the volume of transactions in the given currency pair (the more transactions, the higher the LP Rewards). Therefore, it is not possible to specify the exact amount of Rewards. The LP-Rewards are automatically reinvested to 100%.

  2. Grizzly.f can only dispose of the Block Rewards.

Here is a practical example: Mixed Hive BNB <> BUSD

Thus, the different strategies explained below always refer to the Block rewards portion only. The block rewards usually make up about 50% of the total APR/APY. However, this can vary depending on the Hive and the underlying protocol.

There are 3 strategies you can choose between in Liquidity Mining:

  • Stable Strategy

  • Standard Strategy

  • Grizzly Strategy

Stable strategy

  • 100% of LP Rewards and 94% of Block Rewards automatically flow back into the two currencies of the Hive.

  • 6% of the Block Rewards go to the team so they can further develop the platform and create new innovative features.

This strategy is for grizzlies who want to play it safe. It is a good way to get consistent returns in any market situation.

This strategy is best if you want to invest a certain amount and then not worry about it. You can sit back with peace of mind and check in every few weeks to see how much passive income you've already earned.

By automatically re-investing your earnings, you have a lucrative compound interest effect.

With this strategy you do not achieve high, but steady profits from your investment. However, with this strategy you will not receive any GHNY tokens. You always stay in the currencies of your hive.

The Stable strategy has a low risk of loss overall, especially with the Stablecoin Hives.

You can choose the Stable strategy for

  • Stablecoin Hives (e.g BUSD<>USDC)

  • Mixed Hives (e.g BUSD<>BNB)

  • Grizzly Hives (e.g GHNY<>BNB)

Standard Strategy

  • 100% of LP rewards and 50% of block rewards automatically flow back into the two currencies of the hive.

  • 50% of the block rewards flow into the Dynamic Honey Creation(DHC). This overcompensates the Grizzly with freshly mined $GHNY.

This strategy is designed for grizzlies who want to split their returns from Liquidity Mining.

With this strategy, 50% of the blockrewards go back into the hive as reinvestment and 50% are compensated in the GHNY token.

So with this strategy, you increase your liquidity in the chosen Hive. Also, you speculate on a rising price of the GHNY token. So, this strategy is a bit more risky as the value of the GHNY token can rise or fall.

It is well suited for more risk-averse investors who want to increase liquidity in their chosen hive on the one hand, but at the same time hope for the value of the GHNY token to rise.

The standard strategy can be chosen for

  • Stablecoin Hives (e.g BUSD<>USDC)

  • Mixed Hives (e.g BUSD<>BNB)

Grizzly Strategy

  • 100% of LP rewards automatically flow back into the two currencies of the hive.

  • 50% of the Block Rewards are used to buy $GHNY on the open market, creating constant buying pressure and increasing the price of the token.

  • 50% of the block rewards go to Dynamic Honey Creation. This overcompensates Grizzly with freshly mined $GHNY.

  • All GHNY tokens flow into the investor's staking pool

With this strategy, no earnings (from the Block Rewards) are reinvested, but all earnings are converted into GHNY tokens. So you convert 100% of the earnings from the block rewards into GHNY tokens and hope for rising prices. The returns are all automatically invested into the staking pool (Honeypot) where they generate more rewards.

This strategy yields the highest returns, but it is also the riskiest strategy because the value of the GHNY token can rise or fall.

The Grizzly strategy can be chosen in the

  • Stablecoin Hives (e.g BUSD<>USDC)

  • Mixed Hives (e.g BUSD<>BNB)

Staking Strategies

In addition to liquidity mining, investors have the option of staking coins and tolks on the Grizzly platform.

Different variants are possible in this process:

  • Staking of the GHNY token

  • Single-asset staking (coming later).

Investors can stake their GHNY tokens in the honeypot and thereby generate additional income.

Later on, there will still be the possibility to stake specific coins on the Grizzly platform. In single-asset staking, coins such as BTC, BNB, BUSD, ETH will probably be able to be staked. More details will come after the launch.

With Staking there are not different Strategies which the user can choose from.

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