Set Up Metamask

How to download Metamask on Google Chrome and connect it to the Binance Smart Chain.

Step 1: Download Extension

Go to in your Chrome browser. Click on “Get chrome extension”. It should take you to the chrome web store. Once you get to the chrome web store, click the “add to chrome” link. This will open a popup in your browser to confirm the adding of Metamask to your extension. This process will install the extension into your browser. Click “Add Extension.”

Step 2: Set up Metamask

On the page that opened, click “Get Started”, which will prompt you to create a password. The password must be more than eight characters. This password is very important because you will need it to sign in to your MetaMask every moment you want to access your account from your browser. The same password will be required to sign transactions. Therefore, other than the general requirement here to make the password more than eight characters, try and follow basic principles of creating a strong password such as using numbers, at least a capital letter and other characters other than letters.

Step 3: Create a Wallet

In the next screen, two options are available: Import wallet and create a wallet. The import wallet allows you to import components of your wallet if you already have a MetaMask installed on another PC. Otherwise, “Create a wallet” option is all you need if you do not have a wallet installed anywhere or you don’t need any information from the older wallet installed on the other PC. Download your seed phrase, select the phrase in order and confirm the secret backup phrase. Both the secret backup phrase and the password are very important components in ensuring the safety of your tokens in MetaMask. Note down these seed keywords. We highly recommend doing this physically, on a piece of paper, and not just in your notes app.

Step 4: Set up the Binance Smart Chain

What you’ve set up until now, is a wallet on the Ethereum Blockchain. However, the first version of is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). So let us set up the Smart Chain. Select “Settings'' in the Dropdown Menu. Click on Networks; Add Network. Enter the following parameters:

  • Network Name: Smart Chain

  • New RPC URL:

  • ChainID: 56

  • Symbol: BNB

  • Block Explorer URL:

Step 5: Add cryptos to your wallet

Now you are set and almost ready to go. All you have to do is add some cryptos on your wallet. For this, copy the address by clicking on “Account 1” at the top of Metamask. Now use this address to transfer tokens (e.g. BNB) from your prefered exchange (e.g. Binance) to your new wallet. Just make sure to use the Binance Smart Chain (new: BNB-Chain) as the Network.

Caution: If the wrong network is chosen, funds can be lost.

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