Grizzly Trade

Grizzly Trade is a decentralized exchange that provides spot and perpetual trading with professional features and deep liquidity on many large-cap crypto assets, offering a seamless trading experience. Our platform aims to become the most user-friendly derivatives hub for traders who want full ownership over their funds and a CEX-like trading experience.

Traders can use Grizzly Trade for:

  • Spot trading through the swap functionality, as well as limit orders.

  • Perpetual trading with leverage up to x50 on long and short positions, as well as the ability to use limit and advanced orders (TP, trailing stop...).

By trading on Grizzly, traders can also benefit from:

  • Very low transaction fees.

  • No price impact, even for large order sizes.

  • Protection against ‘scam wicks’: the sudden changes in price that can often occur on one exchange are smoothed out by the pricing mechanism design relying on Chainlink price-feeds.

Through these features, Grizzly Trade enables traders to trade both spot and leveraged on a permissionless and non-custodial platform, providing a CEX-like trading experience and addressing the issues brought by centralized organizations.

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