Spot Trading on Grizzly Trade

Grizzly Trade's swap feature allows you to trade spot on opBNB (testnet) and BNB Chain (Mainnet) between the following assets: BTC, ETH, BNB.

Note that thanks to the innovative operation of the GLL pool, there is no price impact induced by the size of your positions.

How to trade spot on

1) How to connect my wallet

To connect your wallet, simply go to: and click on 'Connect wallet'.

2) Make a Swap

Click on the 'Swap' section.

Then, to make a swap, follow these steps:

  • (1) Choose the asset you want to sell.

  • (2) Choose the asset you want to buy.

  • (3) Enter the amount you want to sell.

  • (3’) Alternatively, you can enter the exact amount you want to buy of the output asset and the input amount will be calculated and entered automatically

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