Stablecoin Hives

On the Grizzly platform you will find a variety of Stabelcoin Hives. We search the entire market for the most lucrative stablecoin pairs and then offer them for Liquidity Mining.

Stablecoin Hive means that you get the exchange fees that need to be paid when someone exchanges two Stablecoins for each other. E.g. USDT for BUSD.

When investing in a Stablecoin Hive, there is virtually no money to lose, regardless of whether there is a bull or bear market.

There is also no impermanent loss, so investing in a stablecoin hive can be considered very safe.

Advantage of Stablecoin Hive:

  • Very safe investment

  • Virtually no risk of loss

  • Returns very even

Disadvantage of Stablecoin Hive:

  • Rather low return

What strategies are possible in the Stablecoin Hive?

  • Stable strategy

  • Standard strategy

  • Grizzly strategy

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