The GHNY Staking Pool.
The Honeypot is the pool where you can stake your GHNY tokens. Here you will receive more GHNY tokens + BNB as rewards.
The APR in the Honeypot can fluctuate because it depends on how much revenue is generated on the Grizzly.fi platform. The more people use grizzly, the more revenue is distributed in the Honeypot and the higher the APY.
With rising TVL (Total Value Locked) on the platform, the revenue-share in the Honeypot gets more lucrative. Therefore, it is smart to accumulate as much GHNY as possible in the beginning, since the token will get more scarce and its use cases will increase.


How are the Rewards for the Honeypot generated?

Part of the earnings that are generated through liquidity mining go directly into the Honeypot and are issued to the stakers.
Additionally, 88 GHNY tokens per day get minted and are distributed in the Honeypot.