Buy Cryptos

What do you need to make crypto trades on

To start doing business on, you need cryptocurrencies traded on the Binance blockchain.

To launch the platform, you need Binance Smart Chain (new: BNB-Chain) BNB. So if you have "normal" BNBs on your wallet, you still need to exchange them for Binance Smart Chain (new: BNB-Chain) BNBs first, so that you see them in the metamask. After the launch, you can invest in the Hives with any coin that is traded on the Binance Smart Chain (new: BNB-Chain). So for example with BNB, BUSD, Dogecoin, Avalanche, Tron and many more.

You can buy these coins on all (crypto) exchanges that support the Binance Smart Chain (new: BNB-Chain). (BEP 20)

If you are brand new and don't know how to buy cryptocurrencies, herewith you will get the following instructions:

1. You need to open an account on a crypto exchange (Binance or KuCoin, for example). Read the instructions in one of the links below:

2. then you transfer fiat currency, i.e. EURO or USD to the new crypto account.

3. then you go to the trading platform and buy BNB or BUSD with it.

4. then transfer these coins to your Metamask wallet.

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