The Investment Opportunities

You can earn money with

  • By Liquidity Mining in the Hives

  • By Staking the Honey Token in the Honeypot

  • If the Honey Token increases is value

  • By referring friends to who do Liquidity Mining (Affiliate-Program)

1. The opportunities/risks of the Hives:

Here you will find a presentation that will give you an overview of how to assess the risks and the opportunities of each hive:

In general, the higher the profit, the higher the risk and vice versa: the less risk you want to take, the lower your profits will be.

To spread your risk, you can also split your investment between different hives. In other words, put part of your money with high risk and part of your money with low risk.

2. Affiliate Program:

Having cryptos and sending them to work is not the only way to make money with

It is our mission to bring the possibilities of DeFi to the people. On our side, we try to make it as easy as it can be. But how does a technology spread the fastest? Through recommendations of friends! This is why we want to incentivise people to share the benefits of, by adding a small affiliate system.

You are able to refer friends and ~1% of their generated profits are minted in GHNY Tokens for you. (They get the same rewards, with- or without using a ref-link)

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