The different ways to participate in Grizzly.fi
Grizzly.fi offers different methods on how to make money with cryptocurrencies.

Liquidity Mining

When Liquidity Mining you provide two cryptocurrencies to a decentralized exchange so they can use it as liquidity. When a "trader" swaps from one currency to the other, you receive the exchange fees paid by the trader. Thanks to Grizzly.fi's "One Click Invest" Feature you only need 1 currency to do Liquidity Mining. Grizzly.fi takes care of all the necessary steps and optimization.

Liquidity Mining in Stablecoin Hives

This is generally speaking, the most steady and secure way to make money on your assets and is not subject to falling prices of the market. Invest into one of our Stablecoin Hives and we convert your cryptos into two different stable coins, and send them to a decentralized exchange to work. There, your liquidity is used to process swaps when users want to swap a stable coin into another. Whenever your liquidity is used to process a transaction, you earn the trading fees. Because both currencies are pegged to the same value (USD), the risk of impermanent loss is eliminated.

Liquidity Mining in The Grizzly Hive

The Grizzly Hive is the liquidity pool of our platform token $GHNY (paired with BNB). Grizzlies can fill this Hive and earn a lot of $GHNY tokens. Because the whole platform benefits from a great depth (TVL) of this Hive, it gives the highest APY’s. Especially in the first weeks after the launch of Grizzly.fi, it is very rewarding to invest here due to the decreased minting amount and increased scarcity of GHNY over time. But warning: make sure to understand impermanent loss before you invest into this Hive.

Liquidity Mining in Mixed Hives

A Mixed Hive is a liquidity pool where one of the currencies is a stable-coin and one a normal-coin. (for example BUSD and BNB). Mixed Hives have higher APYs but Impermanent Loss can occur. However, its nature is more moderate than when doing Liquidity Mining with two normal-coins. Mixed Hives are perfect if you are a long-term believer of the non-stable coin in the pair, because it will accumulate itself over time.


Staking is similar to Liquidity Mining but requires only one cryptocurrency. Instead of processing trades and receiving fees, the rewards are generated differently with staking. Profit shares of a protocol, Lending and Borrowing or to verify a "proof of stake" blockchain.

Staking Grizzly Honey ($GHNY)

The Honeypot is the place where smart Grizzlies stake their $GHNY tokens to get more $GHNY and $BNB back in return. The APY of the Honeypot is determined by the TVL and the performance of the platform. This is because 24% of the generated rewards by Liquidity Miners, go directly to all the staking Grizzlies in the Honeypot.
When staking GHNYs you are directly exposed to the price of GHNY. Since the volatility of new Alt-Coins is high, both the upside and downside potential is the highest here.

Staking in Single Asset Hives

will be introduced after launch
In single asset hives, you can invest and multiply a single coin. Depending on the underlying protocol, the return is generated differently. For example, in Belt.fi, it is generated by lending the currency to borrowers.
Single Asset Hives is also considered very safe, but does not offer the same rewards as stablecoin liquidity mining. The advantage of this method is that you can keep the coin and thus speculate on its price.

Affiliate Program

Having cryptos and sending them to work is not the only way to make money with Grizzly.fi.
It is our mission to bring the possibilities of DeFi to the people. On our side, we try to make it as easy as it can be. But how does a technology spread the fastest? Through recommendations of friends! This is why we want to incentivise people to share the benefits of Grizzly.fi, by adding a small affiliate system.
You are able to refer friends and 1% of the Honey Tokens that are minted for them in the Dynamic Honey Creation, get minted additionaly for you. (They get the same rewards, with- or without using a ref-link)
Staking in the Honeypot or deposits in the Community Fairlaunch are currently not part of the Affiliate Program.
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