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Any Questions about the Tokenomics?

Does GHNY have a Max Supply?

Nowadays, everyone asks for more burning mechanisms and a max supply. And we get why – it is tempting to acquire something early when you know it has increased scarcity over time. Bitcoin for example, whose primary use case is the storage of wealth, has a maximum supply of 21 Million Bitcoins with a decreasing supply because of the halving.

However, with tokens that fuel an ecosystem this is different. Lets look at Autofarm and their $AUTO token for example. They had a linear minting structure that minted tokens until October 2021. What happened then? Within just a few months of not minting and distributing tokens, their platform TVL halved, because the return (which was influenced by minting), was no longer attractive. Their fuel has run out.

Because we are very long term orientated, we don’t want to introduce a platform with a pre-programmed death sentence. We will rather introduce more burning mechanisms in the future that create a balance to the token, than add a maximum supply.

How is the Allocation of GHNY?

Every 100 GHNY’s minted, 22 tokens are minted additionally and sent to shareholders:

  • 100 tokens go to the Community / Users in form of Rewards.

  • 5,3 tokens are given to the Strategic Partners that helped in the early days of the project.

  • 3,7 tokens go to the Advisors that helped with marketing and overcoming technical and legal challenges.

  • 7 tokens go to the team that built This Reserve will also be used to provide liquidity to exchange listings after launch.

  • 6 tokens go into the Marketing & Reserves Pool. The Community will be informed when this wallet does transactions.

At what Circulating Supply will GHNY start?

GHNY starts with a Circulating Supply of 576,300 and 622,200, respectively, and a Listing Price of $0.50.

  • 500’000 in the initial liquidity pool BNB-GHNY. Those are available for sale through the Community Fairlaunch. These are distributed on a straight-line basis over the course of a month. 0x1022a84f347fc1e6d47128e5364c9aa1f43a2630

  • 10’000 for the winners of the giveaway on The 100 winners will be selected 3 weeks after launch. The tokens are vested and distributed on a straight-line basis over the course of a year.

The initial minting order will trigger the creation of the mentioned share:

  • 35’700 go to the Team. 0x1942164da8956f953a4bc9b678ac46407af9b328

  • 30’600 go directly into the Marketing & Reserves Pool. (Giveaway is also included here) 0xa76334538e31c5271ce25201561944c4db41a4be

  • 27’030 go to the early strategic partners. Like the CFL, these are made claimable over the course of a month by the following contract. Because the tokens of the strategic partners are not issued until they are claimed, they are not directly included in the circulating supply (that's why we start with 576k instead of 622k tokens). 0x04e618169eB98792c08CEACb8C57FeB89d385802

  • 18’870 for the advisors that helped on our way. These are claimable over the course of 6 months from the following contract. Also not included in the initial Circulating Supply. 0x5Aa37411B070312dFaFC45c32FED03555f715615

How long is the vesting period?

Vesting means that the tokens are locked away for a certain period of time and thus cannot be sold.

With the Community Fairlaunch, for example, the locked tokens are released linearly over a period of one month. After 30 days, 100% of these tokens are released.

The tokens of the giveaway are vested over a year. A KYC is also required there. If a winner does not come forward, these tokens will be burned!

The tokens of the team are not vested, because these tokens are needed for a listing on a central exchange. Nevertheless, all transactions are publicly visible.

Team: 0x1942164da8956f953a4bc9b678ac46407af9b328 Marketing & Giveaway: 0xa76334538e31c5271ce25201561944c4db41a4be

How much GHNYs get minted per day?

  • The minting for the Stablecoin Hives, Single Asset Hives and Mixed Hives is dynamic as Explained in the Dynamic Honey Creation. It depends on the TVL in those Hives, the APR of the Hives and of course the Bee Efficiency Level.

  • The minting for the Honeypot is static. It starts at 2000/day and is reduced continuously until the end of the Distribution Phase. It will steady out at 288/day.

  • The minting for the Grizzly Hive is static. It starts at 1111/day and is reduced continuously until the end of the Distribution Phase. Then it will steady out at 288/day.

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