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What is DeFi?

What exactly is this DeFi and how does it help people to generate money?

DeFi stands for “decentralized finance”, which is an overall term to describe a variety of financial applications in cryptocurrency or blockchain. You’re all aware of how centralized financial institutions operate. They hold all the money deposited by you and other customers, and whenever you need to send the money to someone or a loan from the bank you’re subjected to a long, bureaucratic, and tedious process. For their service, the bank takes some percentage of the money. The philosophy of DeFi, and crypto in general, is to cut out this middleman and give this power to everyday people.

What DeFi does is to make financial transactions faster, cheaper, and generally more efficient. A DeFi application (short DApp) makes it easy for people to transact money without the need to trust one another. That is, DeFi platforms are built on blockchain to help facilitate financial transactions with the help of smart contracts. DeFi is allowing crypto entrepreneurs to recreate traditional financial instruments in a decentralized architecture, outside of banks or central authorities’ control.

Rather than having all the money at one centralized place, it comes from the people that are using the platform. Instead of the banks, the users receive all the fees and therefore can easily make money with their money.

Some of the most used DeFi applications are

  • Liquidity Mining: Providing Liquidity to a decentralized exchange so it can perform swaps. More on that right below.

  • Staking: "Lock away" a token in order to get revenue sharing from a protocol or to support a "proof of stake" blockchain.

  • Lending and Borrowing: Lend your cryptos to other users who pay you interest.

What is Liquidity Mining?

If a currency is exchanged for another currency, you have to pay an exchange fee. A bank must have both currencies in stock in order to be able to carry out this currency exchange. For their service, they receive the mentioned exchange fee.

The same applies to a Centralized Exchange of cryptocurrencies. Again, an exchange must have both coins in stock and profits from being the middleman.

In the world of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) this all behaves a little bit different. The philosophy of DeFi is to cut out such middlemen and give more power to technology and its users. On a "Decentralized Exchange", short DEX, the exchange does not hold any coins. They rely on the "Liquidity Providers" to provide liquidity to carry out exchanges. In return, the so called "Liquidity Provider" receives a part of the exchange fees. This process is called "Liquidity Mining" and's goal is to make this technology more accessible. looks for the best liquidity mining opportunities and facillitates the investment process. Liquidity Providers don't invest IN, they invest THROUGH

What makes Liquidity Mining with so attractive?

When doing liquidity mining between two coins, there can be price fluctuations between this currency pair. One coin may rise sharply; the other may fall sharply. This can lead to losses in liquidity mining (impermanent loss). These price risks are avoided with

How does avoid these price risks?

Cryptocurrencies are traded on various financial exchanges (blockchains). Each blockchain has its own designation for some coins. For the US Dollar, for example, there is the designation USDT or BUSD. Both designations correspond exactly to 1 US Dollar. They just have a different name because they are issued by a different company.

If you want to make crypto transactions on a blockchain where you need BUSD to trade, but you only have USDT, you must exchange USDT for BUSD. However, the value of the two coins is and always remains the same and is exactly equal to 1 US Dollar for both coins. Nevertheless, you must make this exchange in order to be able to trade. Such coins, which are not subject to price fluctuations against the US Dollar, are called "Stablecoins".

Now offers liquidity mining between two Stablecoins. For example between USDT and BUSD. Here you have no exchange rate risk and are therefore protected from exchange rate losses. makes it easy for you: You don't have to buy these two stablecoins yourself, you just choose which stablecoins you want to use for Liquidity Mining. Everything else is done by You invest a certain amount and does the liquidity mining in the exchange you choose. So it is very simple for you. does something else very great: Every day the profits you make with Liquidity Mining are automatically reinvested, so the balance you have in Liquidity Mining automatically increases every day.

For investors who are a bit more risk-averse, has also prepared some Mixed Hives, where only 1 Stablecoin is included. Mixed Hives are perfect if you are a long-term believer of the non-stable coin in the pair, because it will accumulate itself over time.

What is the Grizzly Honey Token?

The Honey Token ($GHNY) is the token of the platform. This token is paid out as a reward for doing liquidity mining on For every profit with Liquidity mining, pays a certain amount of Honey tokens as a reward. Investors who invest a lot in liquidity mining, get higher rewards with Honey Tokens.

However, the Honey token is not a prerequisite to do liquidity mining via

The more successful the platform is, the more the Honey Token will increase in value. So you gain profits not only with liquidity mining, but also through the ownership of Honey Token! However, the Honey Token is subject to price fluctuations and the value can rise and fall.

These profits can be increased by putting the Honey Token into a Staking Pool. Here you get additional rewards for staking the Honey Token.

So, how can I make profits with

  • By Liquidity Mining in the Hives

  • By Staking the Honey Token in the Honeypot

  • If the Honey Token increases is value

  • By referring friends to who do Liquidity Mining (Affiliate-Program)

What is so special about

With Liquidity Mining via you avoid almost all the risks usually associated with investing in cryptocurrencies, because price fluctuations of cryptocurrencies have no influence on the profit with the Stablecoin Hives.

Therefore, Liquidity Mining with is perfectly suitable for making profits not only in the bull market, but especially in the bear market. has technically automated all processes (auto compounding, staking, etc.), so an investor does not have to be worry about anything. It is a "set and forget" solution that can contiuously grow your portfolio.

But the best part is the one-click invest feature. aggregates the best investment opportunites in the DeFi space and makes the onboarding a lot easier.

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