The Grizzly Hive

The Grizzly Hive is the most exciting and the most interesting hive on the platform, which has its own rules.

The Grizzly Hive is all about the Grizzly token GHNY.

In the Grizzly Hive you will only get GHNY tokens, which is especially interesting for investors who believe in the rising value of GHNY.

On the other hand, the Grizzly Hive is also the riskiest, because the value of the GHNY can also fall. High chances of profit are thus opposed by high risks of loss.

Each investor must therefore decide for himself whether he wants to take these risks.

With the Grizzly Hive there are some special features:

1. Token quantity:

The amount of newly mined GHNY tokens distributed to investors in the Grizzly Hive is limited. This is to prevent too many GHNY tokens from entering the market and causing inflation in the value of the token. The goal of is that the newly mined amount of GHNY tokens always correlates with the activity on the platform.

The amount of newly mined GHNY tokens generated for the Grizzly Hive is already fixed and amounts to:

This graph should be understood as follows:

On Day 1, 1111 GHNY tokens are mined and paid out in the Grizzly Hive. Until the 90th day after the launch, the daily newly mined amount of GHNY tokens drops linearly to then only 288 pieces. Thus, from the 90th day after launch, only 288 new GHNY tokens mined per day will be available for the Grizzly Hive.

Investors who invest in the Grizzly Hive will thus receive the corresponding number of tokens according to their share of the total liquidity of the Grizzly pool.


  • There is $1 million in the Grizzly Hive.

  • You invest $10,000. Your share of the total liquidity in the hive is therefore 1%.

  • You therefore receive 1% of 1100 tokens on day 1 = 11 GHNY tokens.

2. The Rewards:

So there is no fixed APR/APY in the Grizzly Hive. The rewards are calculated from the investment volume that exists in this hive and the respective token quantity that exists for this hive at the respective time. Since the newly mined token volume decreases continuously until the 90th day after launch, an investment in the Grizzly Hive is particularly attractive in the first weeks after launch or when the total liquidity in this Hive is low.

At some point in the future, Pancakeswap might list this Hive on their platform as well and distribute their CAKE tokens as rewards for providing liquidity. Then the minting of new GHNY tokens will be further decreased and scarcity increased.

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