The Beginner Guide

New to the world of Decentralized Finance and Liquidity Mining?
With Grizzly.fi we want to make the entrance to making money with cryptos as easy as possible. Following, a Guide for the Grizzlies that are just getting started in the world of DeFi.
We start by explaining some of the Theory and Terminology attached, continue with showing whats required from your side to use decentralized App and finish by giving step by step investment guides for Grizzly.fi


  • The Basics
    • What is Decentralized Finance
    • What is Liquidity Mining
    • What makes Grizzly.fi the perfect place to earn money.
  • The Setup
    • How to buy Crypto Currencies
    • How to set up a Wallet like Metamask
    • How to connect your Wallet with Grizzly.fi
  • How to use Grizzly.fi
    • What Investment Opportunity is best for you
    • What Strategies can you chose in what Hive
    • Stablecoin Hives
    • Mixed Hives
    • Single Asset Hives
    • The Grizzly Hive
    • Honeypot
    • Frequently Asked Questions
Last modified 8mo ago