Grizzly Hives

Hives/Pairs with our Platform Token GHNY.

Warning: Make sure to understand Impermanent Loss before investing in Grizzly Hives.

Grizzly Hives are the liquidity pools with our platform token $GHNY. Because the whole platform benefits from a great depth of those Hive, it gives high APY’s.

What is Impermanent Loss?

If a Hive consists of 2 coins, both of which can change in value, then if one coin loses value, there will be a shift in value within the pair. If you step out of this investment just then, you can make a significant loss.

The longer you stay invested in such a hive, the lower is the risk of a loss.

In order to counter the Risk of Impermanent Loss, the Grizzly Hive pays out really high rewards.

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