The future Plans of Grizzly.fi

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Phase 1: Launch Phase

  • 4th - 7th of August: Community Fairlaunch​
  • 8th of August: Launch of the Platform
  • Getting listed on CoinMarketCap and DappRadar
  • Start with the Marketing campaign
  • Start the onboarding with central exchanges

Phase 2: Distribution Phase

  • Introduce the GHNY Freezer
  • Launch the DeFi Franc, an overcollateralized Stablecoin.
  • Airdrop Moneta Tokens to GHNY Holder
  • Drastically reduce Minting of new Token

Phase 3: Construction Phase

  • Implement Single Asset Hives
  • Bring Grizzly.fi to Ethereum aggregating Convex
  • Allow Bridging GHNY between Binance Smart Chain (new: BNB-Chain) and ETH Chain.
  • Implement Fiat On- & Off Ramp
  • Focus on bringing Utility to GHNY

Phase 4: Disruption Phase

  • Combine Grizzly with Moneta by accepting Yield Generating Assets as CollateralRollout of Leveraged Yield Farming
  • Rollout of Leveraged Yield Farming
  • Launch the Traditional Finance Gateway
  • Announce the next Phases of the Roadmap!

Phase 5:

To be announced very soon. Ask yourself what mass adoption for DeFi really needs.

Other stuff:

  • We want to create a way for Institutional Investors to do Liquidity Mining by publishing an ETP. (Traditional Finance Gateway). We want to set this up in a way that benefits the DeFi ecosystem.
  • We want to create a way for ordinary people to benefit from Liquidity Mining by supporting regular payment methods like Credit Card or PayPal.
  • We want to create a saving solution that could replace a pension fund.
  • We want to implement Single Asset Hives where you can stake your favorite cryptocurrency.
  • We want to support more blockchains and more protocols.
  • We want to support Bitcoin Liquidity Mining.
  • We want to merge Real Estate Business with the power of DeFi.
  • Wa want to make Lending and Borrowing easier than ever before.
  • We want to facilitate the way to do stablecoin liquidity mining, while still holding your favorite (non-stable) cryptocurrencies. (Collateralized Liquidity Mining)
  • We want to make Liquidity Mining between different Blockchains a seamless experience! (Seamless Crosschain Liquidity Mining)
  • APYs between different pools change everyday. To maximize your profits we want to create The Grizzly Oracle, that reallocates invested funds automatically into the most profitable hives for you.