The Platform

How to use

Before you start you need to think about the following things:

  • What amount do you want to invest?

  • With which coins do you want to invest (pay your investment)?

  • How much risk do you want to take with your investment?

  • In which Hives do you want to invest?

  • What strategy do you want to choose?

Which amount and with which coin you want to invest depends solely on your personal financial concept. Basically, however, the following applies to EVERY crypto business:

  1. Do not risk too much

  2. Buy more when something goes well

  3. Be aware that the crypto market is not a one-way street and prices can also fall sharply.

  4. Basically assume a long-term strategy and do not rely on the fact that you will make high profits in a short time.

  5. Inform yourself once again about the impermanent loss risk

  6. Never finance crypto transactions with a loan

  7. Be aware that things can happen in crypto that can lead to a total loss (e.g. by hackers). The founders can have checked the security no matter how carefully. Criminals are becoming more and more inventive and may be able to crack even websites, platforms, DEXes and blockchains that are considered secure and steal from investors in the future.

  8. Therefore, be aware that in crypto transactions there is no bank that will watch over your money and take responsibility for damages. You alone are responsible for your money!

  9. Never use existentially threatening amounts of money, but only as much as you can handle in the worst case (total loss) without it destroying your life.

  10. Note that in most countries profits from crypto transactions have to be taxed.

On the next pages we will explain you in detail what possibilities you have to earn money with

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