The Brand

Why Grizzly.fi exists

What is the point of Grizzly.fi?

Our goal is to bring Liquidity Mining to the people. In other words, make it more accessible. We believe that Liquidity Mining is the perfect solution to strive and gain even in a bear market. We believe Liquidity Mining was too complicated and confusing for many beginners to get started.
We know the pain of losing ¾ of our portfolio in a crash and want to save as many people as possible from it. We believe that it's important to take some profits in the bull market and generate a steady stream of income with it. Stop Speculating, Start earning.
In the crypto winter, the Grizzlies will be able to go on a shopping spree.
Winter is coming. Be prepared. Become a Grizzly.

What is Grizzly.fi’s Philosophy?

  • We believe people care about new and superior products that are easy to use and improve the lives of everyday users by making them money and saving them time.
  • We believe in the simple, not the complex.
  • We believe that the benefits of DeFi should be made so simple that people of every age category can use it.
  • We believe that we need to create traditional (not crypto) ways to get into DeFi.
  • We believe that humanity comes too short in the current decentralized and anonymous space of DeFi. This is why we show our faces, create content on youtube and build a community with openness at its core.
  • We believe in making crypto human-fit.

What is the Origin Story of Grizzly.fi?

We, the founders, vastly grew our portfolios during the crypto boom of early 2021. Because we already know how devastating it feels to lose a big part of our portfolio in a bear market (2015 / 2018), this time we wanted to be prepared. We had the goal to generate a steady stream of income that could finance our lives. In other words, let our money work for us - without the permanent fear of losing it.
That is when we came across the world of Liquidity Mining; a new technology where you can earn interest on your crypto holdings, without the volatility risk that is the nature of the market. But the existing platforms were complicated and confusing for beginners. Furthermore, they were time consuming to manage and several risks were attached to it. Like Apple, we believe in the simple and not the complex; a great usability is key to people loving to use the product.
So we got together in Switzerland and built Grizzly.Fi - a simple solution that enables to generate cash flow in any market situation. We created a platform that is easy and fun to use, and improves the lives of everyday users by making them money and saving them time. Now we help crypto investors to take some profits on their speculative gains, invest them in something value-generating and then, when the crypto winter is almost over, buy cryptos on sale.
Crypto winter is coming. While the greedy Bulls lost 80% of their portfolios, Grizzlies survived the winter at ease. Become a Grizzly.