Mixed Hives

A Mixed Hive consists of one stablecoin and one non-stablecoin. Initially, Grizzly.fi will launch with the following Mixed Hives:

  • ETH-USDC on Pancakeswap

  • BNB-BUSD on Pancakeswap

  • BTCB-BUSD on Pancakeswap

When investing in a Mixed Hive, it is important to understand the following risks:

  • Volatility of the non-stablecoin

  • Impermanent loss

Advantage of Mixed Hives:

  • Higher returns than in stablecoin hives.

  • When the "non-stablecoin" increases in value, one benefits from a price gain in addition to exchange fees

Disadvantage of Mixed Hives:

  • Higher risks than in stablecoin hives.

  • If the "non-stablecoin" loses value, one can drive losses.

What strategies are possible in the Mixed Hive?

  • Stable strategy

  • Standard strategy

  • Grizzly strategy

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