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  1. Technical questions about Wallet and Metamask

  2. General questions about

  3. Questions about buying/selling

  4. Questions about the Hives

  5. Questions about Staking

  6. Questions about the rewards

  7. Questions about vesting

  8. Questions about DHC

  9. Questions about BEL

  10. Questions about the token

  11. Questions about the referral

Technical questions about Wallet and Metamask:

What technical requirements do I need to invest?

To get started, you need Metamask or TrustWallet.

Which wallets can I integrate?

Initially, only Metamask and Trustwallet; probably more wallets later.

Can I manage from my smartphone?

At launch, you will be able to use via Metamask mobile. Later, however, a native, own app will be added.

General questions about

Do I have to register on to invest there?

No, Grizzly is a web3 application. That means you don't need to register on the platform, you just need to connect your wallet (e.g. Metamask) to the platform to make an investment.

Do I need a KYC for

No, you do not need a KYC on

Questions about buying/selling:

Is there a certain minimum (or maximum) amount that one must (can) invest?

No, there is no fixed amount to invest, neither up nor down.

Do I have to swap the individual coins I need for Liquidity Mining beforehand in order to do Liquidity Mining?

No, when you invest on you only specify the amount you want to invest and in which hive. will do all the exchanges for you.

Where will I be able to buy the tokens?

Initially, you can buy the token only on Pancakeswap

Can I also buy via Binance.

No, at the moment you can't.

What currency can I buy the token with?

For the launch you need BNB. After the launch you can buy the token with any currency listed on the Binance Smart Chain (new: BNB-Chain).

Can you also buy the token with EURO?

No, unfortunately this is not possible at the moment.

Where can I buy/sell the token with limit?

This is not possible at the moment. At the moment it is only possible via decentralized exchanges. But it is planned to be listed on KuCoin,, FTX etc. as soon as possible.

Where do I see the GHNY rate that I need to pay in order for the LP token to be formed in the smart contract?

Unfortunately, you cannot see the exact rate at which you buy the GHNY token when you invest in a hive. You can only write down the rate that is displayed on the platform at the time of purchase.

Questions about the Hives:

Can I invest in different Hives?

Yes, you can divide your investment into as many hives as you like.

Can I use different strategies within the same hive?

No, within a hive you have to commit to 1 strategy.

Can I use different strategies in different hives?

Yes, you can choose the strategy for each hive.

Where can I see what my share is in a hive?

On the platform you see the TVL = total liquidity in this hive as amount X. Also your share in this hive = "Deposited". From this you can calculate your share of the total pool.

Questions about the DHC:

What does the DHC do exactly?

The DHC determines how many tokens are generated and given to the investor as replacements that a Liquidity Miner gives from its Rewards to the Staking Pool.

Questions about the Bee Efficiency Level:

How much is the BEL and who determines the amount of the BEL?

The BEL is set by the founders depending on the BNB price and is valid for 1 week.

Questions about the tokens:

Will there be a token presale where i can buy the tokens to a fixed (reduced) price?

No, there will not be a classic pre-sale.

Is there a maximum supply?

No, there is no token cap.

Where can I see the current token price?

The listing on PooCoin and CMC will be relatively quick. However, you will always be able to see the current price on the platform.

Questions about the referral:

How does the referral system work?

If someone visits Grizzly through your link, you will earn 1% of all Honeytokens that are minted for him. The rewards you get when you attract someone to invest on are generated additionally by the system. So nothing is taken away from anyone to pay the rewards.

In what form are the rewards from the referral credited?

Referrals are paid out in the form of Honey Tokens.

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