Real Yield (GLL)

The liquidity required for proper functioning of Grizzly Trade is provided by all community members who choose to participate. In exchange for providing liquidity, these providers receive various rewards, including the majority of the fees generated by the platform, which accounts to earning real yield.


GLL is an index of assets used for swaps and leverage trading on the platform. Users can mint GLL by adding any index asset to the liquidity pool (LP), while GLL is burned each time a user removes any index asset from the LP.

GLL holders earn 50% of the fees generated by the platform.

The GLL token is designed to supply the liquidity required for leverage trading. As such, GLL holders are the liquidity suppliers and they profit when leverage traders make losing trades. Conversely, they lose money when leverage traders make profitable trades. Past PnL data and other stats can be viewed at

Minting and Redeeming

To provide or withdraw liquidity from the GLL pool, go to Then, chose a currency and enter the amount you want to deposit.

By clicking on one of these buttons, you will be redirected to a page that presents all the information you need to know about the GLL pool, including:

  • Price

  • Your holdings

  • APR

  • Total supply

As well as the composition of the pool and a section allowing you to add or withdraw from this pool. To add or withdraw, simply choose the token you want to provide/withdraw and the amount.

Note that you can provide liquidity to the GLL pool using BNB, ETH, BTC, USDC and USD.

The price for minting and redemption is calculated based on :

  • The total worth of assets in the index, including profits and losses of open positions / GLL supply

Please note that minted GLL tokens immediately start accruing rewards and that there is a 15-minute holding period after minting before you can redeem GLL tokens.


The fees to mint or redeem GLL tokens vary depending on whether the action aligns with the protocol's needs at that time or not. For example, if the index has a large percentage of ETH and a small percentage of USDC, actions that increase the amount of ETH will have a higher fee, while actions that decrease the amount of ETH will have a lower fee. In short, by providing or redeeming the most or least sought-after assets in the protocol, you can lower your fees.

You can view the token weights on our Dashboard.

Token weights are adjusted to help hedge GLL holders based on the open positions of traders. For example, if many traders have long positions in ETH, then ETH would have a higher token weight. Conversely, if many traders are short, then stablecoins would receive a higher token weight.

If token prices increase, the price of GLL will also increase, even if many traders have long positions on the platform. The portion reserved for long positions can be considered stable in terms of its USD value, since any profits resulting from price increases will be used to pay traders. Similarly, if prices decrease, the losses of traders will maintain the USD value of the reserve portion.

GLL Token Contract

GLL Token Address on BNB: 0x218703d0515f24Ca3Fa0751266051Db1ecD58f27

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