Why should you use Grizzly.fi? What makes it special?

One Click Invest

Great useability is Grizzly.fi’s core value and it is our mission to make Liquidity Mining and DeFi in general as simple as possible. If you have used Liquidity Mining before, you probably know how complicated the different investment processes can be. You have to visit various subpages, trade tokens into LP tokens, stake them and so on. Arrrgh.
With the “One Click Invest” Grizzly.fi introduces the most straightforward onboarding process ever, which saves our users time and headaches.

Auto Compounding

Every investor knows: the compound effect works wonders for the patient. Grizzly.fi re-invests your rewards on a daily basis for you. This not only saves our users lots of fees and makes them more money but also frees them of the hassle of manually doing it every day.

The Hub of Liquidity Mining

Grizzly.fi searches the crypto market for the best pools for Liquidity Mining, checks their security certificates/protocols and then contracts them to get the best possible returns for you. This eliminates the need for you to search for suitable pools or to manage dozens of different platforms - everything is put together neatly in one place.

No Impermanent Loss

As Warren Buffet once said: “Rule #1: never lose money.” This is why Grizzly.fi has its focus on stable-coin pairs where users don’t face the risk of impermanent loss.

Affiliate System

It is our mission to bring Liquidity Mining to the people. On our side, we try to make it as easy as it can be. But how does a technology spread the fastest? Through recommendations of friends! This is why we want to incentivise people to share the benefits of Grizzly.fi, by adding a small affiliate system.
You are able to refer friends and 1% of the GHNY tokens that get minted for them, are minted additionally for you. (They get the same rewards, with- or without using a ref-link)

Traditional Finance Gateway

will release in a later version
Grizzly.fi wants to offer institutional investors a way to do liquidity mining by publishing an ETP (Exchange Traded Product). This will be set up to fit the DeFi ecosystem.
Managing someone else's money is much more difficult and regulated than building a decentralized application. Grizzly.fi is currently working with the most advanced and innovative financial institutions in Switzerland to create a solution for traditional investors. Investing in liquidity mining will soon be as easy as investing in a stock or bond. Grizzly.fi intends to make the possibilities of liquidity mining attractive to large asset management firms as well. This will increase TVL and benefit the community in the long run; GHNY tokens generated by traditional investors will be automatically burned. This will result in fewer GHNY tokens in circulation and a more stable price increase.

Collateralized Liquidity Mining

will release in a later version
With "Collateralized Liquidity Mining", Grizzly.fi will offer the possibility for you to keep your cryptos while earning a steady income with stablecoin liquidity mining. In other words, people deposit their cryptos on our lending platform and do liquidity mining with the borrowed capital while profiting from the appreciation of their coins.

Grizzly Oracle

will release in a later version
APYs between different pools change daily. In order to maximize profits, we would like to create the Grizzly Oracle, which automatically redistributes invested funds to the most profitable Hives. With "Grizzly Oracle", Grizzly.fi introduces a sophisticated algorithm that performs various calculations to select the best possible strategy. This saves our users time, headaches and makes them more money