The Grizzly Hive

GHNY-BNB: The Hive of our Platform Token GHNY.
Warning: Make sure to understand Impermanent Loss before investing in the Grizzly Hive.
This is the liquidity pool (Hive) of our platform token $GHNY. Because the whole platform benefits from a great depth of this Hive, it gives the highest APY’s.
Especially in the first weeks after the launch of Grizzly.fi, it is very rewarding to invest in this Hive because it will generate the most $GHNYs, which will have increased scarcity over time.

What is Impermanent Loss?

If a Hive consists of 2 coins, both of which can change in value, then if one coin loses value, there will be a shift in value within the pair. If you step out of this investment just then, you can make a significant loss.
The longer you stay invested in such a hive, the lower is the risk of a loss.
In order to counter the Risk of Impermanent Loss, the Grizzly Hive pays out really high rewards.